Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Red light (RED): Delivers at wavelengths of 660nm. Red light (RED) is visible to the naked eye and is easily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, leading to many benefits such as enhanced skin health and cellular regeneration. 

Near-infrared Light (NIR): Delivered at wavelengths 850nm. Near infrared (NIR) light is invisible to the naked eye, and works by penetrating deeper into your body tissues, leading to many benefits such as enhanced cellular recovery and inflammation healing.

As explained above, the Near-infrared light (NIR) wavelengths are invisible to the naked eye and will appear to be off when your device is switched on. Not to worry though, they are definitely working! The red lights you see are the RED wavelengths, and are much more luminous.
Red light works by producing a biochemical effect in cells that strengthens the cell’s mitochondria. In simpler terms, it helps increase the function of cells at the energy source. This energy-carrying molecule found in all living things is known as the ATP (adenosine triphosphate). So in theory, when your cells produce more energy, your cells can then function more efficiently, heal faster and rejuvenate better.
When used correctly and as guided by your provider, red light therapy is a completely safe and painless treatment that poses no unwanted side effects. Products, such as the iRed Red Light Therapy panel, use LEDs which emit low levels of heat that do not burn or harm the skin. It’s not the same type of light that is used in tanning booths and doesn’t expose your skin to damaging UV rays.
As the red lights are bright and uncomfortable for individuals who are sensitive to light, we always recommend wearing protective glasses (such as the ones provided in your iRed product) when using red light therapy. Alternatively, you can also just close your eyes if you do not want to wear goggles.
The benefits of red light therapy will vary from person to person. Some people might find they see results after just one week of consistent use, and others may see after 8 weeks. We always recommend using red light therapy consistently in order to reach your goals, and typically you will see noticeable results after 8 – 12 weeks of use.
Red light is an excellent choice for acne sufferers as it works to remove the bacteria that is responsible for acne and other skin conditions. It can help to promote healing in the skin and works to decrease the visibility of acne scarring thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.
Even after you start to see some amazing results on your skin, such as the reduction of wrinkles, acne or scarring, we always recommend continuing with your red light treatments at least once or twice a week as part of a regular maintenance regime. This will help to make sure that the benefits of the treatment will continue over the long-term.
One of the reasons red light is preferred is because it does not use harmful UV wavelengths which typically cause skin cancers. So you can be assured this treatment is perfectly safe.

It’s absolutely fine to continue using your favorite skin care products after your red light treatments. Make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed of all products before you undergo your standard treatment, then you can follow up with your usual skin routine. The reason we suggest using red light as the first part of your skin care regime is because some products have shown to block the penetration of light. 


Please be advised that other products such as vitamin A, Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, or alcohol – can potentially cause skin irritation when used under light. 

Red light therapy has been shown to be an effective option for all skin types and skin pigmentation. It’s just important to use the treatment regularly in order to see results quicker.
Unfortunately red light therapy does not work through clothes, bandages or dressings. This is because the red light needs to be glowing on your skin for it to be absorbed correctly. If used on clothes, the color will be absorbed by the fabric. Test it for yourself!
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