Learn About The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

The use of red light therapy to treat the cells is nothing new. But how does it work? The combination of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emit both infrared light and red light for a range of therapeutic benefits.

Here you can find a collection of resources that will teach you more about how Red Light Therapy works to impact your cellular health.


iRed is the smartest and most effective way to introduce healthy red light into your lives. Not only are the products engineered to impact cellular health at the highest level possible, but they are also affordable and accessible to everyone...

What is Red Light

Red light therapy (RLT) is a therapeutic technique that utilises red low-level light wavelengths to treat several skin issues,...

Red Light Therapy
at Home

Red light therapy has rapidly gained popularity over the past decade due it’s fast-acting health benefits...

Red Light Wavelengths

Did you know that ‘light therapy’ is one the earliest recorded healing techniques? Not only was it first used as ‘Solar Therapy’...

Red Light Therapy and EMF
(Electromagnetic Fields)

We have been asked a few times around the effects of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from our range of Red Light Therapy...

iRed Product Overview and Comparison

Welcome to the Red Light Therapy family! If you’re new to Red Light Therapy, we suggest that you read some of our comprehensive articles on the subject of all things Red Light to get yourself up to speed with what Red Light Therapy is,.....

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