How To Minimize Wrinkles with Red Light Therapy Treatments

Red Light Therapy is one of the smartest and most effective ways to impact cellular health, increase the production of collagen and improve the appearance of wrinkles and aging of the skin. To understand why this is the case, we first need to look at the origin of wrinkles and why they happen as you age.

Where do wrinkles come from?

Wrinkles are completely natural and start appearing as you get older. In simple terms, they are the small creases, folds, or ridges in the skin that collect in certain areas of the face, including the forehead, eyes and mouth (usually the places where your face creases the most during facial expressions).

But why do they happen? Wrinkles are the result of when your skin becomes thinner over long periods of time due to a lower production of collagen and elastin proteins in your cells. This slowing down of collagen production also causes the skin to become less resistant to damage, which can result in unsightly marks. 

Although it’s hard to accept, wrinkles are a natural part of growing older, and they affect absolutely everybody… even though some people get them faster than others. It’s no secret that many people dislike the appearance of wrinkles, so much so that the anti-aging market in the US was worth over $58.5 billion in 2020 alone! 

However, it’s not just age that determines how quickly you will get wrinkles. They can also be caused by other factors such as exposure to sun, smoking, medications and environment.

Although there are several treatments available on the market, such as creams and oils, it’s not always the best route to take if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the body.

Why you shouldn’t use store-bought creams for wrinkles

Naturally, your skin is a barrier and is not able to absorb creams with large molecular structures. Although most moisturizers will temporarily give the skin a plumper and smoother appearance, they won’t stimulate the important cellular-level healing of your skin to restore a more youthful looking appearance. 

There are some treatments out there which have been shown to have some effect, such as Retinoic acids, as they stimulate the production of collagen and remove dead skin cells. But the main downsides are that retinoic acids take at least 3-6 months before any visible improvement is seen, and they can be very irritating to the skin, leading to painful rashes or flaking. 

Other ingredients commonly used in creams include exfoliators such as hydroxy acids, moisturizers such as hyaluronic acids, and collagen producers such as peptides. Yes, they do work to improve skin appearance, they cannot erase wrinkles completely. 

Because of the inefficiency and unreliability of wrinkle creams (and not to mention the adverse effects like sensitivity reactions), many choose to go down the route of Red Light Therapy treatment for wrinkles, and we couldn’t recommend that treatment more!

Why you should consider using Red Light Therapy for wrinkles

Red light therapy—also called low-level laser light therapy—uses rows of LEDs to expose the skin to a spectrum of visible light with long wavelengths (630nm to 850nm). Like natural light, red light has the ability to penetrate the skin to promote collagen production and stimulate the production of energy within skin cells. The difference is that the treatments are non-invasive, painless and have virtually no side effects.

So let’s look at the 3 main ways it can help:

1. Promotes the growth of new capillaries

New capillaries are shown to increase circulation in the body, and stimulate the lymphatic system which is responsible for removing waste from the body. 

2. Increases production of collagen/elastins in the skin

Collagen and elastin are the key to firm, elastic, and fuller looking skin. As explained above, when collagen production slows, wrinkles appear because skin becomes saggier. By increasing the production of collagen fibroblasts, wrinkles smooth out, pore sizes diminish, and the texture of the skin drastically improves.

3. Stimulates energy production in the cells

The production of ATP, also known as adenosine triphosphate, helps cells to gain energy and ultimately regenerate faster.

What’s better is that Red Light Therapy products, such as the iRed Red Light Therapy Panel, are designed with you in mind. They are lightweight, portable, and can be used in the home or wherever you are, whenever needed. It’s no longer necessary to purchase a range of expensive creams each month in order to improve skin health – when you can perform localized treatments from the comfort of your own home from a one-off investment.

So if you want to find out more about our range of Red Light Therapy products, you can visit our shop here, or get in contact with us here. We are always happy to help!

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